Charleston White Biography, Net Worth 2024, Age, Birthday, Height, Family

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Charleston White Biography

Charleston White Biography – Charleston White is a well known American comedian, Social Media Influencer, media face, American Youtuber, Entrepreneur and one of the most trolled persons due to speaking truth through its social media handles.He was born in the year 1970 in the Lone star state which is popularly known as Texas.Currently Charleston is 54 years old man.He is well known for his stunning youtube videos.He has 216K subscribers on his Youtube channel called The Real Charleston White.As per the media interview reports, Charleston has a criminal past & spend several years in the prison on the charge of murder Michael Levy.If you want to know Who is Charleston White, then read the complete blog post of Charleston White Biography.

He changed himself from his criminal past to a good person.Currently, he created his own identity through youtube videos, motivational speeches and comedian tours around the United States of America.He is the Founder/CEO of Hyped about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach.In this article we focused on the Charleston White Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Wife, Career and Facts related to his past crime.

Charleston White Biography
Charleston White Biography

Who is Charleston White?

Actually we don’t know the exact date of birth of Charleston because he didn’t share anything related to his personal life on publicly.In this article, we shared some amazing facts related to Charleston which you don’t know.According to media houses, he is 52 years old men who is multi talented and completed his basic education from the local school in Texas.He belongs to the American Nationality.We didn’t found his zodiac sign due to lack of information.

Charleston White Biography

As per the Linkedin profile of Charleston White, we can see that he has 346 connections with 529 followers.He is a Prelaw student at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort worth, Texas.At the age of 14, Charleston was convicted of murder.He is the first juveniles in my county (Tarrant) to be adjudicated for murder.Charleston sentence for twelve years as per the Texas Determining Sentence (juvenile) law.

He spent six and half years in Giddings State school for the crime of murder.He appeared in many interviews and podcasts, where we saw his success story.As of Now, he is a crazy & genius personality who gained lots of followers on social media.Charleston came into spotlight after the controversy with Soulja Boy in July 2022.

Charleston White Wiki Bio (Education, College)

He has completed 83 credit hours toward his Bachelor degree in criminal justice.Charleston believed that his story encouraged community leaders, politicians, police officers, correctional officers, probation officers and many young people in the system.

Charleston White Family(Mother, Father, Brother)

Charleston White Mother
Charleston White Mother

According to the media reports, He was born in a joint family where he lives & grew up in Texas with his siblings.His aunt has five kids.Charleston white has one Big Brother name is K. White who was recently released from prison after 31 years for a murder he committed at the young age of 17.Charleston said in an interview his mother eagerly waiting to meet his Big brother.

He never heard any rumor about K. White from Prison after committing a murder.My brother was a type of person that smiled all the time.He has a mixed background of African descent.Charleston follows Christian Religion.Currently, we didn’t find any authentic information about Charleston White Family Members(Father and Mother).According to sources his father is an entrepreneur and his mother is a homemaker.He shared photo with his mother.

Charleston White Wife, Girlfriend, Children

When we talk about Charleston love life, he is completely a family man.He is a married man with two children.He is happily living with his family in Texas, USA.He kept all the secrets regarding his wife name, children name etc.May be due to his past crime and gang leadership he didn’t want to share his personal information on the public platform.We should respect the privacy of Charleston.Whenever he share anything related to his kids and wife then we will update you through this blog post.

Charleston White Son
Charleston White Son

Charleston White Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Charleston White has a good physical appearance with a decent handsome look.His height is 5 feet 8 inches.Charleston weight is around 65 to 70 kgs.He is piercing his ears.He has black color eyes as well as black color hair.Charleston has a good dashing smile faced.He always wear different clothes with a classy look at the age of 54 years.

Charleston White Career & Profession

Charleston changed himself just because of his work.He is talented comedian, youtube content creator, social media influencer and the Founder of HYPED about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) Youth Outreach.He promotes many brands through its social media accounts.He earned followers on Instagram and Subscribers on Youtube.Charleston white instagram handle name is charlestonwhite46.He has one hundred ninety six thousand (196K) followers and 1403 following on his Instagram account.He started instagram from December 2022 and got 125K followers just in 2.5 months.His instagram account most popular reel with thedanzaproject got 762K views till April 2024.

He also has another Instagram account handle name is charlestonwhitelivesonly.On this Instagram account he has 72.6k followers.His instagram accounts deleted fourth time due to controversies.Charleston has 230K subscribers on youtube with 4.3 million views.Due to hate speech regarding Asian community in a viral video afterwards charleston youtube channel deleted in March 2023.He has facebook group name “Charleston White Fan Page” with 112.2K members.He has a tiktok account with the name of officialcharlestontiktok where he gained 298K followers and 636K likes.

Charleston White Career
Charleston White Career

Charleston White Net Worth, Income

Charleston White earns money through comedy tour shows, advertise the brand, pages and product through its social media platforms and sellings its own merchandise through its official website.One of his interviews he revealed that before 2020 he didn’t get a single penny of dollar through its online platforms.If you want to advertise with Charleston then you can pick one of the given package –

Live Shout Out Promotions – $1000 Per Live

24hr Stories Promotions – $2000 Per Social Page

24hr Page Promotions – $3000 Per Social Page

Here are some Product Placement Promotions Prices –

$2500 – 2 Weeks

$3500 – 1 Month

$10500 – 6 Months

Charleston White Net Worth
Charleston White Net Worth

Here are the conversation charges with Charleston on Tuesday

$1000 – 15 Mins

$1500 – 30 Mins

$2500 – 1 Hour

As per the reports, Charleston White Net Worth 2024 is around $2 Million approx as of 2024.He is living a lavish lifestyle.

Charleston White Criminal Past Arrest Story

As per the reports, he shared the whole experience of prison and said at the age of 14, convicted of murder.I was sentenced under Texas Determining Sentence (juvenile) law of twelve years.I am highly active in gangs so I became a gang leader.Texas system saved my whole life.The staff of Texas Youth commission(TYC) which is now known as Texas Juvenile Justice Department understands and gave me all the tools for succeed in life.

According to interview on djvlad, he shared the murder story.I ran away from home on 16th September and went on crime street on 18th September.The guy name Michael Levy losing his life.I came up with the plan we go to the mall and steal some starter jackets because at that time these jackets are so expensive.My whole concept just wanting to steal these jackets it was a teenage club.I went to my friend dj and their friends but they all elder teenage than me.I always had leadership skills and qualities so we went to the forum 303 mall foot locker.

We go inside the foot locker there was a black man then we think he could ran fast so we played video games and decided to do it later.Later, we came back and I saw a white guy working in there then we tried lots of hats and jackets.While the trying of clothes we ran out from there I saw a white guy by the name of Michael Levy in parking lot working on his car.He got married just three days prior to that incident.

Mr. Levy saw what was happening there.He tried to stop us from stealing those jackets.He ran, jumped on top of the car and started hitting the windshield with some tool that he was working on his car.Glass was shattering in my friends face then I handed him the gun and instructed him to shoot Mr. Levy.He shot Mr. levy.I was incarcerated in TYC from 1991 until 1998.

Charleston White said many of my buddies are in prison on their 18th birthday and now they are coming home.Most of my buddies spent twenty or more years in the prison from the age thirteen or fourteen, till now.We are the generation who faced tougher laws on juveniles.

Here my story gives hope to those who have lost it.It shows victims and their families or worst individuals can change their lives and make a difference in society.

Charleston White & J. Prince Controversy

Charleston White claims that J. Prince is the reason behind the Houston sold-out comedy show being canceled.He said even police refuse to protect him over his feud with the Rap-A-Lot music mogul.White said Houston Police Department is scared of J. Prince, why they didn’t provide him security for his comedy tours.

I received this message on Friday informing me of the cancellation of my youth presentation in Houston, Texas with Parents Against Predators

Charleston Houston Police Department said this not a good time for you to come to Houston your part of the event cancel.I will call you going to the Houston Police Department for a meeting.

Charleston White Gets Attacked by Black Lives Member?

Recently Charleston White was in virginia and took pictures with fans.He is eating food at a restaurant with his family and business partners.Suddenly a guy came there and say Black Lives matter actually he is a member of some organization.The guy wants to take interview of Charleston without money that why he created all of the drama.I am giving a Link of that video you can checkout

Charleston White Calls Child Protective Services on Finesse2Tymes

As we know that Charleston White continously stay in the media reports.On 7th May 2023,  The controversial social media personality Charleston White decided to contact child protective services on Finesse2Tymes.For those who don’t know, Finesse2Tymes is an Atlantic Records-signed rapper who has a close relationship with J. Prince.A video of the rapper’s son supposedly showing him using marijuana was leaked online.

Charleston White then decided to report the artist to the child protection services. Because he works with children, he did not want to remain anonymous, telling CPS: “I want them to know I did because I work with children and it’s my obligation to report something that you think children are in danger.” The young rapper in question is Lil King, also known as Finesse2Tymes,’s “son.”

He continued, “I received a video shot by this child who was making threats online and it was handed to me. Videos exist of this child, whose real name is Lil King, hanging out at nightclubs with criminals, drugs, and weapons.He’s a young rapper, so I can send you a link to a video called “Lil King Goes In On Charleston White” that you can find on YouTube.

Some Lesser Known Facts Which you didn’t know about Charleston White

  • Charleston White is also known as Baby Blu.
  • He thanks the Texas Youth Commission for saving his life.
  • He has appeared in lots of interviews & podcasts
  • He sell his own merchandise products via social media.
  • He is also a volunteer chaplain at Welcome Back Tarrant County.
  • He was completed 83 Credit hours towards my Bachelor Degree. 

FAQs of Charleston White Biography

Who is Charleston White?

He is an American comedian, Youtube content creator, social activist, social media influencer and Entrepreneur.

What is the Net Worth of Charleston White in 2024?

Charleston White Net Worth is $2 million as of 2024.

What is the name of Charleston White’s Wife?

He is married but he didn’t share any personal life information such as the name of his wife.

What is the name of Charleston White’s Brother?

He has a big brother named K. White.

What is the real name of Charleston White?

His real name is Charleston J. White.

What is the Age of Charleston White?

He is 54 Years old as of 2024.

What is the name of Charleston White’s Girlfriend?

Due to lack of personal information, he didn’t share his girlfriend’s name.

Where is Charleston White from?

He was born and brought up in Texas, United States.

Why was Charleston White arrested?

He was arrested on the charge of murder Mr. Micheal Levy.

Why is Charleston White famous?

He is famous for speaking truth on his Youtube videos.

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